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Every year, tax day, or 4/15, comes and goes. We believe that what comes after, 4/16, is just as important. At Four 16, we believe that numbers are the foundation for the success of every business. Without timely and accurate numbers, it is impossible for a business owner to accurately evaluate their business; it also makes it extremely difficult to accurately plan for and project possible income tax consequences. Therefore, regardless of the size of the business, we provide a consistent level of service to all of our customers across the board. 

While Four 16 is technically an accounting firm, we don’t like to be thought of as accountants. We are accounting partners helping businessesfrom startups to nonprofits to million-dollar-corporations, focus on their strengths. We love helping the organizations we partner with, and we love seeing the positive impact that these organizations are able to have within the community.

Bookkeeping. Consulting. Taxes. Success.